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The New York Times

Paradise Dynasty

20231201_Yasara Gunawardena_LAT x Paradise Dynasty_38593_F
Yasara Gunawardena_Shin Sushi x LAT_w_19

Shin Sushi

Montana, May



Yasara Gunawardena_Montana_202205_10
Untitled 55

Aly & AJ for The Hollywood Reporter

20231011_Yasara Gunawardena_THR x Aly & AJ_36603_Final_web
20230621_Yasara Gunawardena_WSj x 90210_Spago_012_IG

Spago for Wallstreet Journal

Travel and Leisure April Cover – Yasara Gunawardena
iPhone silhouette in grand canyon national park Arizona USA

AWAY Luggage

20220613_YG_AWAY_SHOT 11_063

Chelsea Peretti for The Hollywood Reporter

20240220_Yasara Gunawardena_THR x Chelsea Peretti_018_web
20221115_Yasara Gunawardena_T+L_Joshua Tree_The Copper Room_22_F

The Copper Room - T&L

20220613_YG_Anajak Thai_021_w

Anajak Thai for Secret Menu

Yasara Gunawardena – Compound Butter – TheHandsThatFeedUs.03
Yasara Gunawardena_Japan_16

Japan, 2022

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The Hands that Feed Us -Compound Butter Magazine


Dwell - One Last Thing with    Melissa Shin

Never Have I Ever Season 3 Premiere for Netflix

Yasara Gunawardena – AZ Gas Station
Yasara Gunawardena – Amboy – First We Feast_01


Kola — Golden Glow web
Osaka Street w
20240119_Yasara Gunawardena_THR x Jenny Slate_41639_web

Jenny Slate for The Hollywood Reporter

La Copine

20221113_Yasara Gunawardena_T+L_Joshua Tree_LaCopine_40
Yasara Gunawardena – Pearls

Compound Butter - Fantasy Issue

Yasara Gunawardena – Compound Butter Fantasy Issue – H